eConsult Health

About eConsult Health

Founded by NHS clinicians, eConsult is the award-winning digital asynchronous consultation and digital triage platform aiming to revolutionise the patient’s experience of Primary and Secondary Care.

eConsult acts as a digital front door into healthcare, improving patient outcomes and system efficiency through intelligent digital triage of symptoms. This enables patients to access the right care quickly.

We are the no. 1 remote consultation platform within the NHS. In Primary Care, we’re live in over 3,300 UK practices supporting over 29 million patients to access care from their own GP practice online. We’re also working across Secondary Care (Urgent and Emergency Care and Outpatient Departments) to bring digital triage and remote consultations to patients.

At a glance…

● eConsult is the most widely used digital asynchronous consultation and triage solution, and the first choice of NHS GP surgeries.

● Provides digital triage for NHS Urgent and Emergency Care quickly and safely by booking in, triaging and signposting patients to the right care.

● The only remote consultation platform that offers healthcare professionals the option of contacting their patients via telephone or video and seamlessly switching between the two.

● An award-winning platform: winner of the HSJ Patient Safety Award for Innovation Technology 2018; finalist of the BMJ Awards 2018, Primary Care Team category; and winner of the HSJ Primary Care Innovation Award 2017.

eConsult – digital asynchronous consultations built around safety

eConsult is the most widely used form-based digital asynchronous consultation and triage platform that gathers and collates each patient’s medical or administrative request and sends it through to their local GP practice to be reviewed.

It also directs the patient to self-help, pharmacy advice and local self-referral services tailored to their condition, as well as redirecting sick patients to more appropriate Urgent and Emergency Care provision.

The patient simply accesses eConsult via their practice website (or the patient pages on our website) and can choose from an array of services depending on their medical condition. It takes GPs only 2-3 minutes to process an eConsult, and research shows that 70% of requests are closed without the need for a face-to-face appointment.

If patients want advice from their doctor, they can submit a short form that collects their history, asking relevant details about their condition by adapting intelligently, that has

been developed via proprietary clinical algorithms. They can also submit admin requests and provide a photograph (if relevant) for review by their practice.

eConsult captures over 100 common clinical conditions, with built-in red flags to highlight critical symptoms that may require immediate or urgent intervention. eConsult reports can be sent securely directly into the clinical system, to be triaged by staff as appropriate.

Standardised questions mean nothing is missed and allows GPs to familiarise themselves with the reports. Having a patient history upfront means you can quickly decide on the next steps, with only around 30% of patients needing a face-to-face follow up.

A Clinical Governance team of over 26 working specialists from across the NHS and over 20 million eConsults and counting has led to our exceptional clinical safety record.


● Robust patient information: Market-leading, safe history take, built-in flag warnings and redirects to ensure patients get the appropriate care.

● Accessible self-help content: Enable patients to manage their conditions with self-help content from trusted NHS sources across their online journey.

● Clinical review eConsults: Purpose-built clinical review eConsultations to help look after chronic patients and those with review needs.

● Easy to review and respond to: Our easy to read eConsult reports summarise and highlight key information, whilst responding to patients is made easy through our toolbar with SMS, email, video and telephony response options all in one place.

Case study: Transforming care at Sidcup Medical Centre

At Sidcup, eConsult is allowing for more efficient working and remote closure which means increased work capacity. Even with a growing list size, no new staff have been hired, and eConsults are responded to within two hours. Patients at Sidcup Medical Centre can now access advice from regular GP 24/7, including on the day and urgent

appointments. Around a third of patients at Sidcup Medical Centre have been converted to eConsult, and we estimate we’ve saved around £40,000 in a year through better patient triaging, remote closure, and by having a patient’s history upfront.