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EMIS Protocols (accessed through Protocols – Enterprise Protocols) are different to templates. They are designed to work as decision support aids. Complex protocols, incorporating many Read codes, templates etc are possible but are difficult to get right. As we get more practiced with protocols more protocols and more complex protocols may be added.

We started with some simple protocols to help deliver QIP QoF (for GG&C Health Board, other Boards requirements may differ) and have now added a protocol to calculate stroke risk in atrial fibrillation.

Please note that Protocols are imported into Protocol Manager,   NOT into Template Designer.

There is a Word document explaining how to download, import and use the protocols. The protocols themselves are XML files to download.

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Local Downloads


Three Steps to Downloading ePCS – 3_step_guide_to_accessing_ePCS_in_Taycare.pdf

Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Please find below some very useful protocols written by Dr Damian Smith which are designed to help with the Glasgow Local Enhanced Services for 2012 – 2013. One protocol helps to record codes for the Medicines Management LES once a level 1 Medicines Review has been completed. The other protocol helps to call up the relevant GG&C EMIS template for recording foot examinations in Type 2 diabetics. It also helps to record medication reviews for these patients. This is designed to help when diabetic reviews are largely completed by one member of staff but foot exams are done separately




We are always looking for new protocols and would welcome submissions from other Practices.