National Vision User Group

The National Vision User Group, established in 1984 and the oldest independent user group in GP computing, supports general practices and other primary care organisations that use Vision, a Windows based software package used in Primary Health Care across the United Kingdom and supplied by INPS. Run by users for users, NVUG helps practices to get the most out of Vision

NVUG aims to represent all users of INPS primary care software, and as the range of products increases so does the diversity of our membership. While the majority of members are practices using the medical systems, other (associate) members include Primary Care Organisations and similar health authorities

Our website (www.nvug.org) contains information about the activities of the NVUG and the events we organise. You will also find details of how to join NVUG on our website – or, if you prefer, below

Benefits of Membership

  • an arbitration service should problems arise with INPS or, for data providers, with the GPRD;
  • discounted training fees for INPS training courses;
  • access to the members-only area of this web site;
  • discount to conferences and events which equates to the cost of membership;
  • Annual educational materials provided to each member practice via a free NVUG USB stick
  • and the knowledge that experienced and knowledgeable users, elected in an open and democratic manner, are actively involved in improving the computer systems which you use in your practices.

About NVUG

NVUG represents the interests of users of the clinical software system Vision and provides the following services:

  • Advising INPS, on behalf of users, on software development needs in face to face discussions with company representatives at meetings of the NVUG National Panel.
  • Monitoring and influencing National Health Service Information Technology Policy.
  • Supporting and advising the General Practice Research Database (GPRD) and The Health Improvement Network (THIN).
  • Monitoring the quality of service provided to members by INPS.
  • Providing conciliation services for any problems users have with INPS, THIN, or with the GPRD.
  • Providing advice and help on the best use of the systems.
  • Holding a National Conference and Roadshows. The cost of attendance is discounted for members. Non-members must pay an amount equivalent to the annual fee in addition to the conference or roadshow fees to attend.
  • Maintaining an Insurance Bond to protect participating members from any future problems with the system supplier.
  • Maintaining and supporting this web site and the NVUG Forum and Mailing lists. Only members have access to the full site.

Joining NVUG

If you have not yet become a member of NVUG and would like to do so, then please simply complete the form overleaf and return it to the address given on the form. Of course, if you would like to find out some more details before making that decision then please do not hesitate to contact us (see “Contacting NVUG”)

Here’s the best bit – thanks to the generosity of In Practice Systems the first year of your membership can be free! The company has offered to pay for new customer practices to be members of NVUG for the first 12 months – so if on first becoming a customer of INPS you take up your option to join the user group, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a part of NVUG for a whole year – free. Just fill in the form and send it in. We will enrol your practice as a full member, but, if you qualify for the free year, we will not charge you until a year later

If you are reading this as a Primary Care Organisation, you are also very welcome to join NVUG as Associate Members. There is an Information Pack available especially for you. Please contact the Membership Secretary for a copy.

So what does it cost?

Cost per practice per annum:

  • Payment by direct debit:                           £90 inc VAT
  • Payment by cheque:                                 £95 inc VAT