Regional Co-ordinator

The Regional Co- Ordinator for Borders is Louise Murray, you can contact her here

As SNUG moves to a more digital future we are looking at future regional meetings being held via webex. Is this something you would welcome, let me know.

Borders Meeting Near You

The next SNUG Borders Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 28 August 2019, download the agenda here.


The last  Borders Meeting was held on  4 October , the next event is scheduled for 3rd of October 2018.

Keep checking back here for more information. If you would like to request a meeting topic please email Louise.

October 2017

Please click [ddownload id=”2904″ style=”link” text=”here”] to download flyer

  • [ddownload id=”2950″ style=”link” text=”Borders IM&T Meeting oct 2017″]
  • [ddownload id=”2950″ style=”link” text=”SNUG Borders Meeting Oct 2017″]
  •  [ddownload id=”2938″ style=”link” text=”GP2GP Update October 2017″]
    an audio will accompany the GP2GP report and will be uploaded in due course
  • [ddownload id=”2941″ style=”link” text=”SPIRE Update October 2017″]