Areas of Interest for All

This page will hold various papers and information of interest to our members, this can be anything from results from surveys we have sent out to reports from the Executive and letters sent to Clinical Systems or eHealth Leads. Please find below and I hope they are of interest.

Primary Care GP IT Glossary

As a result of the SNUG Annual Survey it was found that our members  – and indeed SNUG Executive – were unsure of the many acronyms used in GP IT.  A glossary was created with help from our members and the Executive and we hope this will be of benefit if ever in doubt. If you have anything you wish to add to the Glossary please let me know.

Primary Care GP IT Glossary

SNUG Annual Survey Result 2016

To enable the SNUG team to know what you need and how best we can further support your GP IT needs a survey was sent to all our members to gauge what their requirements and needs are. The results were pleasing with 99% of the respondents feeling that SNUG membership is useful and 86% found our services to be of very good standard.

Please find the results and all comments collated here:

SCI Gateway Issues

The SNUG Executive became increasingly concerned regarding the issues with SCI Gateway back in April, which resulted in a letter to the Head of eHealth. You can read the letter and the update as a result. SNUG will continue to campaign on this on your behalf.