What have SNUG been up to….?


last updated February 2021
  • In 2020 there were 6 SNUG Regional Meetings in Scotland with two virtual Regional Meetings. We are working towards further virtual Teams as these were very successful and fitted into GP Practice working days.


  • We have continued to provide practices feedback and advice on how to use GPIT during the pandemic


  • SNUG Subscription grew to 362 Practices in Scotland ( subscription runs April to April)


  • The FIRST  VIRTUAL SNUG Members Day was held in November with over 280 attendees  in attendance! The day featured workshop sessions from system suppliers and SNUG Members as well as NSS and IT. Videos and slides from the event can be viewed online within the SNUG Members Day pages.


  • The SNUG Executive met four times in the last year moving to virtual Teams meetings. The SNUG Executive discuss your issues and concerns including SCI Gateway, Docman and GP IT Re Provisioning.  Minutes can be found on the SNUG Website.If you have anything you need us to discuss on your behalf please let me know. The Executive is regional representatives talking on YOUR behalf, but we need input.


  • In late 2019 The SNUG Executive held a program development day in Perth for SNUG Members, the SNUG Into the Digital Future  looked at how,  as a support group, we can grow and how best to take SNUG into the future.  A summary of this successful event which sets our program of work for the future is available on the SNUG website and shall be picked up again throughout 2020 and 2021 and used to shape our future goals and projects.


  • Members of the SNUG Executive sit on many other groups and campaign on your behalf. These include the GPIT Service Management Board which supports the Re-provisioning Program, the Change Advisory Board (to prioritise changes to GPIT systems), Primary Care Reform Digital Board (to look at the investments to be made in GP computing which support improved working in General Practice and wider Primary Care), the SPIRE Program Board (which oversees the delivery of SPIRE) the SCIMP Working Group and much more. We also participate in the GP IT Re Provisioning Group and will speak on behalf of SNUG members at both the Program Board and the Clinical Reference Group. You will have seen our letters seeking for your opinions.


  • We update the SNUG Website, which is now tablet friendly and has many more features to explore including videos from workshops and plenary’s from the Conference and SNUG members Day.


  • SNUG created a series of Podcasts, this has been very well received and can be listened to virtually anywhere. Find it on the SNUG Website or through your usual Podcast provider.

SNUG and GP IT Re- Provisioning   

The program for the delivery of refreshed GPIT systems has been significantly delayed which is very frustrating for all Practices. SNUG have worked hard within the Re-Provisioning Team to promote the needs of users and ensure the developments proposed by the suppliers fit the specification.



SNUG have been lobbying hard to resolve the risks associated with Docman 75500 and the need to upgrade to a system that is fully supported. You will have seen our letters seeking opinon.

Members of SNUG benefit from:

  • Input into prioritisation of national developments
  • Free attendance to virtual regional Meetings – quarterly
  • Free attendance and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • Attendance to the annual SNUG Members Day in May ( this year November, but a virtual conference is scheduled for May 2021)
  • Attendance for the Practice to the GP IT eHealth Conference in September ( paused until 2021)
  • National alerts and updates as they happen
  • Sharing best practice
  • Users’ Group Newsletters electronically quarterly
  • Continued website development and monthly updates on new features and downloads. Members area includes, downloads, hints and tips, templates, bi monthly updates etc.
  • Access to a free SNUG podcast to be downloaded and listened to anywhere
  • National Executive co-ordinating at national level for key GP IT developments on behalf of members.

SNUG is involved in

  •  Renegotiating and supervising the Framework Contract for GP IT to ensure systems are fit for the future
  •  Supporting the Architecture and Strategy Board in shaping the future of GPIT
  •  Representing the views of users in identifying the IT requirements for delivering the Scottish GP Contract
  •  Developing the SPIRE information project which will replace current QOF reporting and provide a wider more integrated reporting tool
  • Supporting the introduction of the GP2GP transfer process for the GP Computer record
  • Improving the end to end process of medicines management across the NHS in Scotland
  • Planning for the future of integration between Health and Social Care and the information sharing implications.
  • Looking at the needs for wider involvement and representation of other Primary Care information system users.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. SNUG’s principal role is to support YOU – the user.

any questions please contact Alex on the contact form.

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