Document Management with Microtech

Docman provides Fast & Reliable access to patient notes from anywhere within the practice, Reducing admin time pulling paper case notes & storage space. Documents are work-flowed around the practice with a detailed audit trail providing security & improving processes.

With every GP practice in Scotland and many in England now running Docman from pcti, the numbers speak for themselves. Together with the add-on packages for Docman and additional document management services, Microtech are making every effort to help practices go paperless, or as close as they can be, in order to maximise productivity.

EDT (Electronic Document Transfer)

The EDT solution transfers all letters, results and a multitude of other document types over the NHS secure network straight into Docman’s electronic workflow, where healthcare professionals can use automation tools to gain faster access to critical patient information, ultimately increasing the whole patient experience.

It enables GP practices to receive documents directly from hospitals electronically without the need for manual attachment or scanning.

If additional information is sent with the document (known as ‘meta-data’) it can be used to automatically identify patient and document details without user intervention. Processing documents via EDT saves considerable time compared with manual handling of documents, resulting in greatly improved communications between the hospitals and gps.

Docman Extras


Intellisense is a Clinical Content Recognition system which helps with NHS Read Coding and speeds up the filing process of incoming post. Patient details in a document are highlighted and populated into the filing fields for you. Letters are clinically coded accurately and quickly to maximise QOF points. The software scans the letter and presents Read Codes to the user working seamlessly with the patient record and preventing duplicates.


An intuitive workflow platform will speed-up the document process, allowing users to workflow all documents around the practice, seamlessly. With the power of one click, send documents around your practice to single or groups of Docman users in real time, with the ability to annotate, comment and add actions to manage patient letters more efficiently. Practices benefit from being highly organised and efficient by spending less time on each document.


A fully audited discussion platform for everyone to organise, manage, share and discuss patient or business matters together for better practice decision making. Collaborator can be used for clinical and non-clinical matters. Documents can be dropped into conversations to be able to discuss specific matters. This is especially useful when other clinical opinions are needed for patient issues.

Back Office

Backoffice Library will store all practice documents electronically in one place for all Docman users to access, dependent on their security settings. It will remove the need to search through piles of paper copies of practice procedures and health and safety guidelines, when documents can quickly and easily be found. Backoffice Apps give you a way to store practice data in different platforms. These Apps include Fridge Temperature Logs, Significant Events and Birth Registers, providing you data that’s consistent and readily accessible

Docman Training

Online resource is provided by PCTI to help users carry out common tasks in Docman.