SNUG Executive – who are we?

The SNUG Executive consists of a group of 14 Regional Co Ordinators based in each region in Scotland. The Co Ordinators are GP’s and Practice Managers using their GP IT systems on a daily basis, and share a desire for better patient care through improved use of information technology . The Regional Co Ordinators are there to speak on behalf of the area and feedback any concerns or requests from other Practices.

The SNUG Executive is an independent group but has representation from NVUG, EMIS NUG, Scottish Government, Facilitators, NSS IT and much more. You can see the members of SNUG Executive below:

Our Team

Executive Chairmen

  • Co-Chair: Dr Bill Martin, GP in Lanarkshire
  • Co-Chair: Dr David Cooper, GP in Aberdeen, Grampian

Executive Office Bearers

  • Vice Chairman:    Dr Beena Raschkes
  • Secretary:              Dr Andrew McElhinney, GP, Forth Valley,
  • Treasurer:              Morag Christie, Practice Manager, Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Professional Representation

  • Primary Care Informatics:  Dr Chris Weatherburn, GP Tayside
  • Practice Nurse Rep: Sarah Everett, Govan Health Centre,
  • Practice Manager Rep: Tracey Simpson
  • SGPC: Dr Andrew Cowie, GP NHS Tayside and Dr Alastair Taylor
  • Facilitator Representative, Sharon Wishart
  • Locum Representative, Dr Chris Arnold, NHS Tayside

Regional Representatives

Ayrshire and Arran –                Dr Alexia Pellowe, TEC Clinical Lead and Dr Robert Lunan

Borders –                                     Louise Hutton, Facilitator NHS Borders

Dumfries and Galloway –         Dr Neil Kelly, GP NHS D&G

Fife –                                              Sharon Wishart, NHS Facilitator Fife

Forth Valley –                               Dr Andrew McElhinney, NHS Forth Valley

Greater Glasgow and Clyde –    Morag Christie, NHS GG&C

Highland –                                     Andrew Vickerstaff, Practice Manager

Lanarkshire  –                                Stephen Reid, Practice Manager NHS Lanarkshire

Lothian –                                        Dr Roland Baumann, GP NHS Lothian

Orkney –                                         Dr Iain Cromarty, NHS Orkney

Shetland –                                      Isla Inkster, NHS Shetland

Tayside –                                         Dr Beena Raschkes and Dr C Arnold NHS Tayside


Support Team

Alexandra De Franco, SNUG Business Manager, Tel: 07597854037

NSS IT Representative

  • Mark Gonella, Service Manager, NSS

Please see your local area for details of Regional Co-Ordinators.