SCI Gateway

SCI Gateway

SCI Gateway is designed as a national portal for clinical communications between and within Healthcare organisations and has been developed by National Information Systems Group (NISG) as a cornerstone product of the eHealth Strategy in Scotland. SCI Gateway facilitates the secure and reliable exchange of patient-based clinical information and integrates with commercial GP practice system and secondary care systems. As a central point of validation for all messages against relevant schema, SCI Gateway contributes to enhanced safety, quality and service.

Features and Benefits

  • SCI Gateway provides secure communications to enable the sending and receiving of clinical-based messages which can be copied automatically into other systems for storage and wider clinical availability, eg Docman, Trakcare and SCI Store, thus enabling multiple teams to easily access the information in the future
  • Through interfacing with other systems, both within and outwith the NHS, SCI Gateway enables the immediate delivery of a wide range of message types including Referrals, Inpatient Discharges, Outpatient Clinic Outcome letters, eF5 Death Notifications, eMCCDs, Clinical Advice messages and much more
  • Guidance for local services and access to the National eLibrary are available online at the touch of a button for ease of review
  • SCI Gateway is simple to use, it’s also fast, reduces risk, provides standardisation and improves the quality of information provided, thus further benefiting the patient
  • Minimising manual data input, coupled with standard screens designed to meet local requirements and the systems configurability, offer the opportunity to tailor SCI Gateway to suit working practices

Further Information

SCI Gateway Highlight Report



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