2016 GP IT eHealth Conference

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The 2016 SCIMP and SNUG GP IT eHealth Conference was held on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21st of September, and was a great success.

The aim of the event was to educate, inform and to promote debate and discussion along with provide a platform and opportunity for GP teams to discuss their requirements for clinical IT systems with the people tasked with developing, implementing and purchasing these systems.  At the event we discussed What works, what does not? What can we do now using IT systems to improve General Practice in Scotland?  How can General Practice change to meet the new world of integrated care?

For more information on the events Agenda please click to download the [ddownload id=”2335″ style=”link” text=”Brochure”].

  •  [ddownload id=”2402″ style=”link” text=”Plenary 1 – Quality after QOF”]
  • Plenary 2 – GP IT Re Provisioning. This was a video clip we cannot display
  • [ddownload id=”2367″ style=”link” text=”Plenary 3 – Shared Records the dream and reality”]
  • [ddownload id=”2404″ style=”link” text=”Plenary 4 – SPIRE the big conversation”]
  • [ddownload id=”2405″ style=”link” text=”Plenary 5 – The role of technology in Transforming General Practice”]


Please note not all workshops held can be shared due to restrictions

S1a – [ddownload id=”2380″ style=”link” text=”EMIS Health Analytics”]

S1b – [ddownload id=”2382″ style=”link” text=”Productive Primary Care”]

S1c – [ddownload id=”2386″ style=”link” text=”A learning System for Asthma”]

S1d – [ddownload id=”2385″ style=”link” text=”EU Data Protection Reform at GP Level”]

S1e – [ddownload id=”2383″ style=”link” text=”Business Aspects of GP IT”]

S2a – [ddownload id=”2347″ style=”link” text=”S2a INPS – Our Vision to make your life easier”]

S2b – [ddownload id=”2391″ style=”link” text=”Information to Support Practice Clusters”]

S2c – [ddownload id=”2392″ style=”link” text=”Using technology to support diabetes self management”]

S2d – [ddownload id=”2393″ style=”link” text=”SPIRE”]

S2e –  repeated workshop

S3a – [ddownload id=”2348″ style=”link” text=”S3a – Egton Driving Efficiencies in the Practice through technology”]

S3d – [ddownload id=”2349″ style=”link” text=”S3d – Successfully Implementing Patient Online Access”]

S3e – [ddownload id=”2350″ style=”link” text=”S3e – Improving Clinical Care with EMIS Web”]

S4c – [ddownload id=”2408″ style=”link” text=”S4c – Vision search and report disease registers now QOF has finished”]

S4d – [ddownload id=”2410″ style=”link” text=”S4d – delivering Qaulity after QOF”]

S4e – [ddownload id=”2351″ style=”link” text=”S4e – Digitally Enabled Patients, Our GP”]

S5a -[ddownload id=”2352″ style=”link” text=”S5a – INPS Our Vision to make your life easier”]

S5b – [ddownload id=”2348″ style=”link” text=”S5b – Egton ( repeated)”]

S5c – [ddownload id=”2353″ style=”link” text=”S5C – GP2GP Patient Records Transfer”]

S5d – [ddownload id=”2354″ style=”link” text=”S5d – ALISS Supporting Signposting Social Prescribing in Primary Care”]

S6a, b & c   repeated workshops from above

S6c – [ddownload id=”2355″ style=”link” text=”S6e – Clinical Decision Support”]

S6d – [ddownload id=”2356″ style=”link” text=”S6d – Governance in Shared Records Systems”]

S6e – [ddownload id=”2357″ style=”link” text=”GP IT Re Provisioning – Next Steps”]


Plenary 1 – Dr Gregor Smith, Quality After QOF

Plenary 2 – GP IT Re Provisioning

Plenary 3 – Dr Andrew Winter – Shared Records, the dream and the reality

Slides from Presentation: [ddownload id=”2367″ style=”link” text=”Plenary 3 – Shared Records the dream and the reality”]

Debate; Does the importance of sharing information to provide a high quality health service over ride the importance of ensuring personal data security.  Dr A Winter, Dr E Beratardine, Dr A Hassey and Dr A Cowie.


Plenary 5 – Dr Masood – The role of technology to support Primary Care

The Scottish National Users’ Group held their AGM on Tuesday 21 September. You can watch the video below to see what was discussed:

More videos from the Conference  will follow in due course, If there is something in particular you want to know more about please do not hesitate to ask our team.

Places at 2016 Conference went quickly, to ensure you are on the waiting list for 2017 please email alexandra.defranco@nhs.net


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